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Bath Kick

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When a character is taking a bath and they extend there leg really high up or straight out. Basically it is an element of Fan Service during bath scenes to show the characters leg to make the scene more sexy. Not only has it been used as a bathing position but it has been used as an attack such as in Dirty Pair and in the movie "So Close"



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  • In Burn Up Scramble the protagonist Rio Kinezono is shown in the bathtub doing a bath kick in the closing credits to each episode.
  • In the first episode to Canaan Liang Qi does a bath kick in the tub
  • Honey does this in a bubble bath in the opening credits to the original Cutey Honey and new cutey honey
  • It is done in the 11th episode of Desert Punk
  • Mimi does it in the 15th episode of Digimon Adventure
  • In Dirty Pair: Project Eden Kei is shown doing this in a Bubble Bath. Carson D. Carson then falls into Yuri's tub which startles her and does the bath kick as an attack and launches him into Kei's tub.
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