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Laconic: An alien or foreigner new to a particular locale will pick out one food they seem to like better than any other.


  • ET Loved Reese's Pieces
  • Roger from American Dad! seems fond of Pecan Sandies. (And booze)
  • Saturday Night Live's Coneheads are fond of beer, drinking a six-pack at a time. In The Movie they like Subway Sandwiches.
  • Starfire is very fond of mustard, going so far as to drink it.
  • In Meet Joe Black, Death develops an intense love of peanut butter.
  • ALF eats cats, and his desire to eat the family housecoat is a running gag.
  • The Prawns in District 9 love cat food.
  • Ax's love of cinnamon buns in Animorphs.
  • The Martian Manhunter's love of oreos (which was treated like an addiction at once point).
  • The alien kids on Roswell are big fans of Tabasco sauce, even putting it on cake.
  • The Observers on Fringe (wherever they're from) have been seen eating excessively spicy foods, from drinking straight hot sauce, to dumping an entire shaker of pepper on a sandwich.
  • Teyla and popcorn on {{Stargate: Atlantis}}.
  • Vir becomes very fond of Shirly Temples when he is Driven To Drink in Babylon5
  • Does the Discworld's Dwarfs' taste for rats fall under this trope?
  • The eleventh Doctor is introduced that way. He goes through a fridge trying to find out what his new incarnation likes. He settles on fish fingers and custard.
    • Also the Fourth Doctor LOVED Jelly Babies "Classic Doctor Who"
    • All the Doctors love tea "Doctor Who" whole series
    • The 9th and 10th Doctors had a fondness for bananas
  • Ryuk from Death Note loved apples. He knew apples in his own world, but claimed the Earth ones had far superior taste.
    • And Sidoh from Death Note develops a love of chocolate from Mello.
  • Mickey Mouse comics have Eega Beeva, aka. Pittisborum Psercy Pystachi Pseter Psersimmon Plummer-Push, who eats moth balls like sweets.
  • Prot from K-PAX (film) really enjoys Earth's "produce" (usually fruit, at least onscreen). In one memorable scene he devours a banana, peel and all.
  • Worf from Star Trek TNG likes prune juice. According to him, it is a drink for a warrior!
  • In the Star Wars short story compilation Tale's from Jabba's Palace, one of the stories focuses on a Gamorrean Guard. He shows a fondness for eating packing foam peanuts.
  • ELF (a clear parody of ALF) from Nicky510 likes to eat soap. He initially mistook it for food, but even finding out that it was not, failed to stop him from eating it at every opportunity.
  • In the 1995 Made-for-TV Movie version of The Invaders the eponymous invaders liked very fatty foods and smoking cigarettes - it was actually good for them.
  • Saturday Night Live's Coneheads are fond of beer, drinking a six-pack at a time (without removing the cans from the plastic six-pack rings first). In The Movie they like Subway Sandwiches.
  • Aquamarine added salt to everything she ate, but that probably has to do with her being a mermaid and all and used to salt water.
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