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Pragmatic Vampires
Vampires who focus on survival
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Ok, this trope is pretty broad, so we might want to narrow it a bit. It can overlap with Vegetarian Vampire and Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, but doesn't necessarily. In fact, the vampire can often live in a world of Gray and Grey Morality, or even be a Card-Carrying Villain. Basically, one of the most unrealistic aspects of vampirism in most fiction is that vampires leave a trail of bodies behind them, and somehow still hide their existence from humans. This trope is partially defined by a subversion of that, these vampires avoid mass slaughter for sustenance. The other defining trait of Pragmatic Vampires is that they are neither soul less monsters, nor incredibly tormented. The story mainly treats them as human beings, who want to continue living, may or may not object morally to killing, and for the most part just adapt to what they are. This can be carried out in a few ways:

1) Forming a symbiotic bond with a few humans who know of your existence, and drinking their blood without killing them.

2) Vegetarianism

3) In some versions the vampire has mind control that he or she can use to wipe the memory of victims after drinking from them.

4) Blood banks, clone blood, or some other substitute.


  • Almost the Ur-Example is Fledgling by Octavia Butler. Vampires are a separate species who form symbiotic bonds with humans, who are able to live for several hundred years.
  • While most vampires aren't like this, they were featured in two episodes of [[Supernatural]]. They fed on cows to avoid attracting hunters.
  • The [[Underworld]] movies are so deeply rooted in this that we literally don't see a vampire feed on a human until the fourth movie. However, the Underworld vamps are NOT Friendly Neighborhood Vampires by ANY stretch of the imagination.
  • Some of the vampires in the Saga Of The Noble Dead live like this, wiping people's memory.
  • Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire series uses this. While Sita frequently kills people very violently, she requires only a relatively small amount of blood to survive, so she typically just feeds and wipes people's memories afterwards.
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