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Generic Player Charter Title
Player Character is assigned a title, because text-to-speech can't read name
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In a game where ability of type your character's name meets voice acting, you will be assigned some sort of title to replace your name, because modern text-to-speech technologies are not advanced enough to read name you choose.

Notice please, that this trope consist of
  • You can type your character's name
  • Voice acting will call you something else

If your name is predefined or simply not given and everyone call you sergeant, or commander, or hey you - it is not the case. I can't check all your claims, so please be responsible.


  • Quest for Glory : In five you were "The Prince of Shapeir", a reference to the ending of two.
  • Fallout : Vault Dweller. Although you are never called this in-game, term originates from Fallout 2.
  • Arcanum: Living One, although spoken only few times. Most voiced people simply don't adress you by name.
  • Deus Ex: You can type protagonist's name in the beginning of the game, but everyone will call you with your codename JC Denton. Your real name however appear in e-mails
  • In Oblivion you get several depending on your quests, however the main plot will always grant you the titles of "The Hero of Kvatch" and "Champion of Cyrodill". Other titles include being head of the Thieves, Assassins, Mages and Fighter's guilds.
  • Several examples from the Fable series.
    • In Fable II, you start out as Sparrow, though the game allows you to purchase or earn new titles.
    • There are a few names for you in Fable III, most of which refer to your status as Prince or Princess.
  • BioWare games often have this:
  • The Master Detective from the Mystery Case Files series.
Final Fantasy X is a weird version of it - you can name your hero (default is Tidus), but everyone calls you "you", "the new guy", "the newest guardian", etc. due to the voice acting thing. Made doubly weird in Final Fantasy X-2 where everyone talks about him without ever saying his name.
  • Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain allows you to enter an actual name; however, you must also choose from a short list of predefined radio callsigns so the voice actors have something to call you.
  • In Backyard Sports, you can name custom characters whatever you like, but the audio commentators refer to them by jersey number or a preset nickname chosen during creation.
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