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The various traits associated with evil characters (apart from evil itself, of course) aren't always a scalar multiple of how evil they are; an Anti-Villain can have the supervillain's traits, while a Complete Monster can be relatively lacking in them. There does seem to be some separation between evil style and evil actions.

However, in some cases they aren't separated by character, but by time. The same character just having the old Evil Laugh and Villain Song earlier on may be shown kicking the dog or crossing the Moral Event Horizon later on. The work goes from implying that Evil Is Cool to reminding the audience what evil actually IS, as if to shame them for rooting for it.


  • The page image character in the top, Palpatine, doesn't show the "evil traits" in his Palpatine persona, but once Anakin chops off Windu's hand Palpatine becomes a Large Ham. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon not that long after.
  • In Ocarina of Time, the first time you see Ganondorf you just see him bowing to the off-screen hylian king, while young Zelda says she doesn't trust Ganondorf's sincerity. The game doesn't even specify that Zelda's right, though seems to be implying it, but even if she is, the game makes clear that Ganondorf is at least good at FAKING humility. Later on you see him chasing Zelda on horseback, stopping to ask Link where Zelda went, and saying to Link "I am Ganondorf, and one day I shall rule the world!" which basically sounds like something a Card-Carrying Villain would say. However, not long afterwards, when you warp seven years into the future, you emerge to see Hyrule Castle Town burned to the ground, with its former inhabitants wandering around in the ruins, it becomes undeniably clear at this point that Ganondorf is no Harmless Villain.
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