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Empire Empowering Artifact

The thing which will make you king.

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This is a specific type of MacGuffin that is being sought because it will allow you to rule. Or if you're already a ruler it will allow you more or less unchecked expansion as you Take Over the World

This crosses over with other tropes - usually it's an Artifact of Doom so powerful none will dare stand against you. However it can instead be more benign, a Cool Crown or Staff of Authority which magically confers kingship. The main point is that the story considers a single item essentially a Golden Snitch that makes your rulership and/or conquest a foregone conclusion.

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  • April 16, 2013
    • The talisman worn by Sean Connery's character in The Man Who Would Be King was this artifact. When Connery took an arrow to the chest in battle but did not fall, he was deemed immortal. Afterward, Connery was brought before the high priest to verify his immortality. Just before plunging a sword into Connery's heart, the priest noticed the talisman, and identified it as the signet of Alexander The Great, the ageless, deathless, invincible conqueror of the known world. Everybody promptly fell to their knees and worshiped Connery as Alexander returned.
  • April 16, 2013
    Whoops, found it myself - Finders Rulers.
  • April 16, 2013
    • Subverted with Arthurian Legend. In some incarnations of the myth, The Sword in the Stone (usually mistaken for Excalibur) is believed to be such a Mac Guffin, because whoever can release it from its imprisonment would one day be King, but the sword is always meant for Arthur, because he is the true heir of the throne.

    • Although he didn't necessarily have to wish to be Sultan, Jafar in ''Aladdin had the main motivation of using the genie's lamp so as to become royalty. Aladdin also wishes to be a prince, but not for the benefit of ruling over people, but so that he could be seen as a viable suitor for Princess Jasmine.