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The Lawgiver
Writer of a Legal System

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Your Barbarian Tribe is Fighting for a Homeland. But it doesn't want to remain a Barbarian Tribe forever, does it? What does it need? Ah now we need a Lawgiver to step forward. He is a wise statesman or sage who organizes the rules by which a society is to be governed.

Compare Founder of the Kingdom, The Judge. If the laws are religious or semi-religious in nature, compare High Priest, The Messiah etc. May also be The Conqueror, if he is not completely obsessed with military predation; or if his laws are primarily concerned with military regulations. Very likely to be a characteristic of The Good King.

Mythological, Religious and Historical

  • King Hammurabi of Babylon was the creator of the Code of Hammurabi, 282 laws carved into a stone stele and clay tablets covering everything from contract law to military service. Its punishments vary in harshness according to relative social class but are largely of the "eye for an eye" type (in fact the idiom paraphrases law 196).

  • Lysander of Sparta was a king who constructed the laws that made Sparta famous.

  • Solon of Athens: He constructed the Athenian constitution and served as magistrate and could be said to be one of the original founders of Democracy.

  • Moses: The transmitter of the Laws of the Jewish people.

  • Genghis Khan wrote the code called the Yassa which was the constitution of the Mongol Empire.

  • Shaka Zulu organized the military regulations for the Zulu army.

  • Cyrus The Great arranged the Persian system of satraps as well as organizing a multiethnic empire in which the different groups could be comfortable.

  • Alfred The Great ordered a survey and standardization of AngloSaxon customs including a regulation of Wergild(blood money to prevent a feud) and a guarentee of royal protection over travellers.

  • Byzantine Emperor Justinian ordered the commissioning of the Corpus Juris Civilis. As with many such things, this was actually a survey of preexisting Roman law designed to weed out contradictions and change laws which were incompatible with the present Byzantine state and few new laws as such were made.

  • Muhammad for Moslems not only in the usual prophetic way (i.e. transmitting the laws of the religion from the deity to the people), but his Hadith (verified sayings) is the second-strongest authority within Islamic jurisprudence (second only to The Quran itself)

  • Henry II of England is widely credited with setting the path of The Common Law, establishing new courts and institutions that constitute the law of law-making (the meta-law, if you will) of the system of the English-speaking world: binding precedent, judicial flexibility to operate by analogy, adversarial procedure, the jury, and so on.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte who wrote the Code Napoleon which is the basis for law in many countries.


  • By the end of Animal Farm, the pig Napoleon. Not in a good way.

  • Paul Atreides in Dune has traces of this.

  • As does Aragorn in Lord of the Rings

Video Games

  • In Dwarf Fortress entities(ranging from mere humans to actual demons) may gain the title of lawgiver to an entire civilization.

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