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Fake Feud
A feud is falsified for publicity stunt or other purposes.
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Feuding is Older Than Print; wresting has its own staged feuds; television (and film) has the Feud Episode.

However, faking a feud is a trend that is often used to drum up publicity.


  • In A Song of Ice and Fire,after gaining power in The Vale, the scheming Littlefinger stops the lords there from moving against him by having haan ally Lyn Corbay pretend to be his enemy and to challenge him to a duel while they were at dinner with other nobles (a breach of Sacred Hospitality). By having Corbay do this, Littlefinger makes it so that it would be dishonorable for any of his actual enemies to challenge him.
  • In The King of Attolia, two brothers Sejanus and Dite pretend to hate each other when in actuality, they have a close bond. Both they and their father are enemies of the king, and according to the plan, Sejanus would make actual treasonous plots while pretending to be the king's supporter, and in the meantime, Dite would seem like a harmless critic of the king (and their father would have plausible deniability).
  • At the beginning of Michael Chabon's novel Gentlemen Of The Road, the two protagonists, who are mercenaries/bandits/rogues con patrons at an inn by pretending to have an argument and stage a faked duel.

Live-Action TV
  • The Body of the Week on the Castle episode "Food to Die For" was a celebrity chef who had previously appeared on a dueling cooks Reality Show. His in-show rival was brought in for questioning since she'd threatened to kill him on-air, but she points out that in "Reality Show", the emphasis is on "show": the series played up their feud for ratings and she didn't really have any reason to want him dead (even second place had gotten her enough name recognition for a successful catering business).
  • Star Trek: Voyager has Paris pretending to be a malcontent for several episodes, so he can leave the ship and infiltrate the Kazons.

  • In The Fantasticks as well as the original play Les Romanesques, two fathers who are friends pretend to be mortal enemies in order to invoke Star-Crossed Lovers in their children and get them to fall in love.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • On The Boondocks, Ann Coulter and Rev Rollo Goodlove are both pretending to oppose each other on TV, but in reality Ann Coulter is just performing her role.

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