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Law/Morality Is Relative

Only family is exempt from the rules & regulations

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Alice has discovered that somebody is guilty of a specific thing. Unsure of whether she should turn them in or not, she decides to talk to her friend, Bob, about the matter. Bob simply quotes the school/company/etc.'s policy about the matter, essentially saying "There are no exceptions."

That's when Alice reveals that the guilty party is Bob's sister, Carla. IMMEDIATELY, Bob's attitude changes, basically asking Alice to bend the rules just this once.

In short, because it's a family member, Bob's immediately willing to break the rules, because it just can't be somebody related to him.

Bear in mind, this is different that simply "Blood is Thicker than water". That's about loyalty to the family members. This trope is about Moral Myopia and a "Only my close ones deserve to be forgiven" morality. Of course, it's a subtrope of Nepotism.

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  • In the first episode of Kings, King Silas responds to the fact that the opposite side in a long war has captured two of their soldiers and is holding them hostage by saying that they can't negotiate with hostages. The aide quickly adds in the fact that one of the two hostages is King Silas's son, John. The King quickly backtracks.
  • In an episode of 8 Simple Rules, CJ discovers that somebody in a class he was teaching was cheating on a test. So he decides to talk to Cate about the situation. She quotes the school's Zero Tolerance policy, but the moment CJ reveals that it was Rory who was cheating, she responds along the lines of "Well, he's a good kid; just let it slide".
  • Dr Kurama on Elfen Lied. he was the one on charge of killing the Children of any employee who had the diclonious genes, once he even said he would even kill her own daughter if it was needed... not much latter one diclonius atacked him and inserted his genes on him (and his offspring), guess what his reaction is?
  • Real Life: U.S. Congressman Duke Cunningham. In September 1996 Cunningham criticized President Clinton for appointing judges who were "soft on crime". "We must get tough on drug dealers," he said, adding that "those who peddle destruction on our children must pay dearly." He favored stiff drug penalties and voted for the death penalty for major drug dealers. Four months later, his son Todd was arrested for helping to transport 400 pounds (181 kg) of marijuana from Massachusetts to California. Todd Cunningham pleaded guilty to possession and conspiracy to sell marijuana. At his son's sentencing hearing, Cunningham fought back tears as he begged the judge for leniency. Cunningham's press secretary responded to accusations of double standards with: "The sentence Todd got had nothing to do with who Duke is. Duke has always been tough on drugs and remains tough on drugs."
  • In one episode of Diagnosis: Murder, Mark Sloan's brother was suspected of accidentally murdering a man while sleepwalking. While it did turn out he didn't do it, Steve refused to include him as a suspect even though all the evidence pointed toward him for most of the case.
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