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Cute perky feminine guy
Split and rename Keet per TRS - this is the girly guy half
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Per the TRS thread on Keet, it is being split and revamped. This is one of two YKTT Ws for the new parts; the other is "Hyperactive, gabby, cute little brother type" (also Needs a Better Title). This half here will inherit the Keet redirect, unless someone has a better idea.

Needs a Better Title. Needs a Better Description. Help sorting the Keet examples is also appreciated.
A Stock Japanese Character, the CPFG is a cute, rather feminine young guy, primarily restricted to shoujo and yaoi. These characters often share traits with common shojo heroine types. In personality they are generally The Pollyanna, The Ingenue, Genki Boys or Tsundere, and physically they are usually pretty or very pretty, slender and delicate, not overly masculine, and often short.

They are prone to ending up in fangirl-bait fanservice situations, whether that involves yaoi tease, crossdressing or just gratuitous moe-ness. They are not necessarily gay, but regardless of their sexuality, Ho Yay will frequently occur around them.

This is a common build for the Uke in Boys Love Genre. In works with a primarily male cast they are often interpreted as a female Audience Surrogate.

Younger examples may overlap with Token Mini-Moe.


Anime and Manga
  • Kaichou Wa Maid Sama: Yukimura is cute and short and not very masculine, but he starts off just as the contentious class secretary to Misaki's class president. Then Usui kisses him (to cover for having kissed Miaski), and he was immediately sacrificed on the pyres of fanservice; his personality became more blushy and easily-flustered, he's been repeatedly forced to crossdress, he regularly gets sexually harassed by Usui (especially during the Fourth Wall Mail Slot columns), and the readers and the author make jokes about his sexual orientation. He's very flustered and upset by all this.
  • Otomen: Yamato. The series' gimmick is that all of the main male characters are In Touch With Their Feminine Side, but whereas most of them look manly but have girly interests, Yamato is the converse: petite and so pretty he's regularly mistaken for a girl, with a perky, innocent personality, but he desperately wants to be a cool, masculine guy. Unfortunately for him, he's the series' go-to source of crossdressing fanservice, to his confusion.
  • Ai Ore! Love Me!: The male lead and Love Interest Akira is a cute little pretty thing who has all the guys panting after him and regularly crossdresses. He's totally faking the perky and innocent part, though.
  • Kyou Kara Maou: Yuuri is cute, on the less-masculine side of the cast, energetic and straightforward but not very effective. Most of the time. Wolfram is cute, feminine, prone to tantrums, and engaged to Yuuri.
  • Shuichi in Gravitation (although moreso in the anime and the later manga rather than the early manga). Ryuichi, however, is unarguably the show's biggest example. There's another side to him, however....
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Feliciano/North Italy mixes this with The Ditz.
    • Poland too, if in a different way (more teasing and playful than cute and hyper), gratuitously mixed with Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • While not necessarily colorful or small, Korea and America are definitely hyperactive and loud.
    • And Japan at one point thanks to Italy.
  • Finnian in Kuroshitsuji, complete with Hair Decorations. Prince Soma, too.
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