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Noble Confederate Soldier
Current or former Confederate soldier or officer portrayed positively.
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The American Civil War has a section that describes this, but I think it needs a trope of its own.

The Civil War has been subject to a great deal of historical whitewashing. The South is commonly romanticized as a land of Southern Belles, wise old colonels, Good Old Boys, and Southern Gentlemen. So whether it be by actual Southerners, Hollywood filmmakers who don't want to alienate a market, or writers running off Popular History, the Confederacy, and the army in particular, gets portrayed in an unexpectedly positive light considering that they're the bad guys in American history class.

The Confederate soldier won't care about slavery. They fight out of duty to their state, right or wrong, and are noble, honest, and loyal. The officers will be Southern Gentlemen of the highest degree. The Confederacy might be presented as a tragic underdog. At the least, they will be a Worthy Opponent. Portrayals of ex-Confederate soldiers will show them as proud of their service, and will sympathize with their bitterness over losing the war.

There is of course historical basis for the trope of the sympathetic Confederate soldier. General Robert E. Lee was famous for siding with his state of Virginia despite wanting the Union to remain whole and being offered command of the Union army, and frequently gets cast in the role of Reluctant Warrior and Worthy Opponent in fiction.

Though real examples obviously existed, this trope is generally employed to avoid having to confront the uncomfortable nature of the South in the Civil War era, instead glorifying the Confederate military and glossing over the unpleasant parts.

See also Southern Gentleman, My Country, Right or Wrong, and Worthy Opponent.


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