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Bait And Switch Compliment
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Have we got this one already?

One character tells another something that sounds flattering or nice, which makes them intrigued, only to have the complimenting party flat-out insult them instead. A form of Comedic Sociopathy. Super Trope of NOT!. Compare Stealth Insult.


  • Tangled
    Thug: Go. Live your dream.
    Flynn: I will.
    Thug: Your dream stinks; I was talking to her.

Live-Action TV
  • A Catch Phrase of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is, "great [x]... for me to poop on!" (Where x typically refers to some sort of noun.)
  • The George Lopez Show. A cosmetics sales representative advises Angie to use these to make her customers feel self-conscious and buy makeup (e.g. complimenting someone's work ethic because of the bags under their eyes).

Western Animation
  • From Futurama's spoof of The Wizard of Oz:
    Amy: (as the good witch) Ooh! Those are great shoes!
    Leela: Oh, thank you.
    Amy: Do they come in women's sizes?
    (Leela presses a button on her wrist machine and the steps come out of the ship and crush Amy.)

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