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Stepford Makeover
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One Trigger Phrase later, and she drops her hippie look for a Patty Duke look.

When characters are Brainwashed to have almost completely different personalities, their wardrobes change as well to reflect this. It also becomes the first clue that something has changed about this character.

One of the most common is for characters who dress in a non-conformist fashion to change to the typical clothing of where they live.

Go-Go Enslavement is a Sister Trope.


  • Named for The Stepford Wives, even though the movie and book did it differently.
  • Happens in American Dad!, when Stan activates conditioning Hayley was given as a young girl.
  • Happens in American Dad! when, after getting amnesia, Francine temporarily succeeds in changing her husband's personality by telling Stan that had always been sensitive and considerate.
  • Spoofed in an episode of Samurai Pizza Cats when Polly tries being nice and dresses in traditional Japanese clothing, and the guys think there is something wrong with her.
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