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Laconic: The store or market place that villains or others evils go to buy their evil equipment/ingredients.

Related to Evil Inc..


  • Men In Black. Jack Jeebs provided exotic weaponry to alien criminals, such as the "reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity" he sold to an unlicensed Cephalopoid assassin.

  • Mega Mind gets all his stuff from a place in Romania.

  • In the second Hellboy film there is the troll market.
  • Several marvel villains made careers out of this: Arcade used to make money by producing robotic "heroes" for the villains to practice on while Taskmaster made money by providing training for mooks.
  • In the Cold Opening of Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond infiltrates one of these. Cue Stuff Blowing Up and an escape in a fighter jet.
  • In Real Life, there's the black market where you can get things you're not supposed to be legally getting.

  • The entire country of Malaria in Igor, though it's less "buy our evil stuff" and more "pay us to not sell it".

Tabletop RPG
  • Shadowrun. Fixers sell illegal equipment (including weapons and ammunition) to shadowrunners.
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