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Cool Copter
Sometimes you just need an awesome copter for your show.
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"We have a special helicopter, that goes underwater. You guys are fucked!"
Bonnie Knight, Angel and the Knight

A helicopter, or other rotary wing aircraft, fueled by unleaded Rule of Cool. Allowing you to hover and maneuver around with pizzazz, this copter doesn't crash, rust, or become obsolete (unless the plot calls for it). And even just doing the regular helicopter stuff is too simple for it. These copters rule the skies just by being so awesome.

Expect these to come with cool gadgets, such as weapons, stealth, recon scanning equipment, futuristic tech, or many other surprises.

If a copter is the primary vehicle in an action video game, particularly a Shoot 'em Up, that copter is most certainly this trope (as you can't go blasting at your foes with a regular copter).

A Super Trope to Black Helicopter, Future Copter.

A Sister Trope to Cool Plane, Just for the Heli of It.


Comic Books
  • Batman had one for some time, but he switched over to a Cool Plane with the batwing sometime during the 80's.

  • The helicopter named Blue Thunder is an assault copter with loads of tech, made for urban riot control.
  • The film Fire Birds is about the army and DEA using their own cool copters to fight against the villain and his own cool copter.
  • Goldeneye: Villain Alec Trevalyan's plan hinges on stealing a stealth helicopter that's electromagnetically shielded (thus immune to the villain's own EMP weapon). The real Tiger doesn't have such capabilities.

Live Action TV
  • The eponymous copter in Airwolf was an experimental vehicle that the main character uses.

  • G.I. Joe had many helicopters, with even the low end ones being lightly armored and heavily armed. The Cobra Mamba had three cockpit pods (two of which could be launched as solo vehicles), and dual side-by-side rotors.
  • Many of the Transformers have helicopters as their alt forms (both Autobot and Decepticon), hence these are copters that are Transforming Mecha.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • In Goldie Gold and Action Jack, Jack falls out of a plane, but Goldie throws him a suitcase that opens out into a pedal powered copter.
  • M.A.S.K. wasbuilt around cool vehicles. Among them were the Condor, a motorcycle that turned into a single-person helicopter, and the Switchblade, which turns from Cool Plane to Cool Copter and back.

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