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Sometimes a copter does even more than just hover and fly.
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"We have a special helicopter that goes underwater! You guys are fucked!"
Bonnie Knight of Angel and the Knight on GTA Radio

A helicopter, or other rotary wing aircraft, that can do much more than just hover and fly.

Sure helicopters aren't a typical aircraft anyway, and it's not as though you can just fly one to McDonalds, but just the vehicle itself is an element in a story, not a trope. Yet what if the copter was more than that?

What the copter needs to do can vary a lot, from being a plain old assault copter, to having a mini bar and a home theater system, to being blinged out like a Pimped-Out Car. And those are just the realistic options. In fiction anything with a copter goes as long as it's got a full gas of unleaded Rule of Cool.

If a copter is the primary vehicle in an action video game, particularly a Shoot 'em Up, that copter is most certainly this trope (as you can't go blasting at your foes with a regular copter).

Also, seeing them take off helps since Fighter Launching Sequence still works with copters.

Old-timey versions, like Steam Punk, will overlap with Those Magnificent Flying Machines.

A Super Trope to Black Helicopter, Future Copter, Helicopter Pack (a cool copter in Jet Pack form).

A Sister Trope to Cool Plane, Just for the Heli of It.

Contrast Hellish Copter (where the only thing cool about it is the spectacular crash).


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    Anime and Manga 
  • A Certain Magical Index has the "Six Wings" supersonic helicopters. These don't even have pilots, and are drones, but are considered the equivalent to an entire conventional armored platoon in terms of firepower.
  • Lupin III: Dead or Alive features a place called "Drifting Island", which Lupin and gang first visit via gyrocopter. It's only built for one person, so they're actually overburdening it by having Lupin, Jigen and Goemon on it. The mechanic they borrowed it from also builds them two other flying devices.
  • The AH 88 Hellhound from the Patlabor movies, has firepower mostly like an Apache, but has a different design.

    Comic Books 
  • In Batman, Batman had various copters for a while before he switched over to the Batwing sometime during the 80's.
    • One was the "Whirly Bat", which was a light copter with more maneuverability than a standard helicopter, but couldn't carry heavy equipment.
    • The "Flying Batcave" was much larger and included things like video surveillance equipment. Yet the size meant it had to refuel frequently.

  • The Batcopter used in the movie of the 60s Batman series was a regular copter blinged out with large bat wings on the side. They weren't aerodynamic, but they looked neat.
  • The helicopter named Blue Thunder is an assault copter with loads of tech, made for urban riot control.
  • Cars has several.
    • The first film has Rotor Turbosky, Strip "The King" Weathers' helicopter.
    • The sequel has the Lemons' Black Helicopter.
    • Even the spinoffs featured more copter characters: Rescue Squad Mater features a pair of rescue helicopters, UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater has Captain Munier the attack helicopter.
    • The Spin-Off film Planes, has some copters, one of which starred in a cop show some years before called CHoPS. In the show he had abilities like a hook and winch to carry other vehicles, and car boots to detain suspects.
  • The film Fire Birds is about the army and DEA using their own cool copters to fight against the villain and his own cool copter.
  • Goldeneye: Villain Alec Trevalyan's plan hinges on stealing an enhanced Tiger helicopter that has stealth abilities and is electromagnetically shielded so it's immune to the villain's own EMP weapon (he real Tiger doesn't have such capabilities).
  • The Incredibles has the Velocipods — a mook-flown ship made by Syndrom. Being small, fast and agile, it's basically your car-sized one-man helicopter that can fly tight circles around people. Its arsenal of twin machine guns gives it some raw firepower at a healthy distance, but it's also designed to make a deliberate Helicopter Blender with the blades.
  • The "Little Nellie" autogyro from You Only Live Twice. Flamethrowers? Check. Missile pods? Check. Heatseekers? Check. Aerial mines? Check. It looks like a flimsy toy plane and can be packed into four suitcases, but it curb stomps four of SPECTRE's attack helicopters.

    Live Action TV 
  • The eponymous copter in Airwolf was an experimental assault copter that the main character uses. Airwolf has a stealth coating against radar, a substantial arsenal of electronic countermeasures, wing-mounted cannons and chainguns, and a veritable Hyperspace Arsenal of missiles and bombs, and tops out at Mach 2.

    Tabletop Games 

  • G.I. Joe had many helicopters, with even the low end ones being lightly armored and heavily armed. The Cobra Mamba had three cockpit pods (two of which could be launched as solo vehicles), and dual side-by-side rotors.
  • Many of the Transformers have helicopters as their alt forms (both Autobot and Decepticon), hence these are copters that are Transforming Mecha.

    Video Games 
  • The Comanche series of video games by Novalogic are based on the cancelled US assault helicopter program of that name.
  • Desert Strike and its sequels have you flying an assault copter around battlefields, blasting a bombing things as you see fit.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you have an assault helicopter as a vehicle to unlock if you get gold medals in the flight school (good luck though), and can use it for vigilante missions.
  • In the GTA Radio on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the ads include a show Angel and the Knight, where the They Fight Crime duo has an amphibious helicopter.
  • Gyroman.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network can transform into a helicopter.
  • In Prehistoric Isle, you spend the game blast at dinosaurs while flying attack helicopters.
  • Some of the Saints Row games have "Helicopter Assault" as part of the side missions. They are basically escort missions where you use Vulcan cannons and homing missiles to protect your charge.
  • Tiger Heli is a vertical shoot-em-up by Toaplan where the eponymous vehicle is an assault copter.
  • Twin Cobra is another Toaplan vertical shoot-em-up where where the eponymous vehicles are assault choppers.
  • Warcraft has the gnomish Flying Machine in II (only serves as recon), in III the dwarf-built Gyrocopter serves as an anti-air flyer and detector. In III's expansion, it is replaced by the dwarven Flying Machine, which uses Osprey-like tiltrotors to hover.

    Western Animation 
  • In an episode of Family Guy, Peter flew a copter with his face on it, but he almost immediately crash landed it, and it turned into a Helicopter Blender on Joe's lawn.
  • Goldie Gold and Action Jack
    • In one episode Goldie has a gold copter that she can fly within her mansion (given its Unnecessarily Large Interior).
    • In another episode Jack falls out of a plane, but Goldie throws him a suitcase that opens out into a pedal powered copter.
  • M.A.S.K. was built around cool vehicles. Among them were the Condor, a motorcycle that turned into a single-person helicopter, and the Switchblade, which turns from Cool Plane to Cool Copter and back.

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