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A Villain Can Dream, Can't He?

When a villain has overly high expectations of how a Bigger Bad or Macguffin will reward them.

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Minions have a variety of reasons to side with a particular villain. They may be scared shitless of him or simply follow him because he is their master after all. And then there is a breed of minion that's only in it for one thing: Money, Dear Boy or some other kind of reward.

Sometimes, however, these minions tend to have ridiculous or disproportionate expectations about what's in it for them. They may be Genre Blind, or that master could be a Bad Boss. Whatever the reason, they will most likely NOT get what they hope for, if anything at all.

This trope is not limited to minions however, and can even extend to the Big Bad himself, when they have overly high expectations of a certain Macguffin.

Compare Evil Is Not A Toy, when a villain is outright harmed or even destroyed by the Mac Guffin he sought after.

Anime and Manga
  • Meowth's various fictional scenarios with his boss Giovanni in {{Pokémon}}certainly qualify as this. It seems unlikely that Giovanni will forget all their failures if they come back with a weak Mon like Lotad.

  • Tai Lung, the villain of the first Kung Fu Panda, expects the Dragon Scroll itself to give him Charles Atlas Superpowers.
  • In Pocahontas, Radcliffe's Villain Song "Mine, Mine, Mine" is full of this. It is implied that he expects to take the place of King James, or that the latter will at least "lord" him or "build him a shrine" if he brings enough gold to England. A king giving up his throne ? Yeah, not gonna happen.
    • Played straight in another way as well, since Radcliffe expects to find enough gold to "dwarf the gold of Cortes and the jewels of Pezarro", while in reality, there isn't any gold at all.

  • In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there is no question that Barty Crouch Jr. would get a nice reward for bringing about Voldemort's resurrection. The only reward he wants, though, is to be "closer than a son" to his master, but seeing as that master can't feel love...

Video Games
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