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To kill a Mook
Ways to kill Mooks tropes needed
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"Let me make that really clear: Not on fire, or exploded, or Maker knows whatever type of grisly death you can dream up. ...Sorry, used to giving orders to my boys."

Sergeant Kylon when asking the Grey Warden to deal problems in The Pearl with no blood. [Dragon Age]

Xykon:"Sacrificing Minions. Is there any problem it Can't solve?"

It is that time when we get to play a videogame or around the tabletop with some friends to bash some Mooks and it is time for your: One Man Army, Redshirts or Five Man Band to bring the menu of pain and death. That menu ranges from the casual killing methods to any method that the scenario requires.

Usual options include: Destroying the Mooks and bonus points for Redshirts as well.

This is a Video Game Trope with the tabletop games (mainly dungeons and dragons Dungeons & Dragons meant with random encounters (Random Encounters).

Sometimes this may overlap in the setting with:

But some examples can be found in some other media (webcomics and The Order of the Stick in particular makes fun on this case The Order of the Stick).



    • Mahou Sensei Negima thrives a lot on video game mechanics and ideas, most blatant in the ShoutOut to DragonQuest Series (With the Slime references, chapter 69 page 10), and is calling on some tropes and one it is the placeholder is for the: DeathOfAThousandCuts.
      • To rub more on the idea of teaming up and Nuker scenario we have some individuals Evangeline, Chamo ,Rakan and Chisame telling Negi/the classmates things with gaming terms. Not forgetting the time it was Chao (who took the time to chew the scenery, and the fact she installed the One-Hit Kill rule when it came to beating her).


    • Age of Empires2: Take the small catapults (Mangonels, Onagers) the Scorpion series and see that the collateral damage kills your Redshits with the Mooks if you don't do it properly.

    • Estpolis Denki 2/Lufia 2: The Dragon Egg glitch is under the Game System to beat it. [1]

    • Dear God does [DeathSpank ] works with this like a charm... Chicken cannon AbnormalAmmo, orphans and the pronginator the last [BFS] is a mixture of rules of cool and funny. [2]

    • [Demon's Souls] The game sports a few occasions where you can [Hoist by His Own Petard] the enemy if you know what to do. (Memorable option when the game kills some Mooks by having the Dragon breathing Fire on the road... until you discover you have to time things right to pass it after)

    • Any Final Fantasy Game that has the Cactuar Mook will have the "Death from a Thousand Cuts" part hands down. Or better said a pincushion death skill once you get it.

    • Fire Emblem Uses the Rock Paper Scissors in two flavors (as long as this troper recalls), which are the weapons (with the weapons which subvert the order) and magic.

    • MetalGear is the poster for the NeckSnap kills.

    • Warhammer40k in any of the video game versions that are RTS: Loves the clause of Friendly Fire since if anything is near the explosion radius of power plants, in the area for grenades falling, any artillery round falling and if it is on the area of a Earthshaker round well... this troper doesn't expect a lot of survivors.


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