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Healed by the hostile villagers
Villagers give reluctant aid to the hero, whilst he begins to care and understand their way of life.
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The Hero is wounded and is unable to care for himself due to the nature of his wounds. He stumbles upon or is taken to a safe haven, by down to earth peasants. They have every reason not to help him, perhaps he is a member of an opposing army. But the main reason is that he is an ‘Outsider’ who will bring doom upon the village. Common humanity wins out and they take care of him.

Due to the nature of his wounds or the elements, the protagonist remains in the village for some time and begins to be drawn into their way of life and probably finds love there too. He will no doubt be drawn into some local plight and will later have to fight to defend his new found home.



  • The Last Samurai: Captain Algren is captured by the samurai army and is taken to their camp. Over the course of a winter he begins to understand their ways and means and takes up their cause. Whilst romancing a the wife of a samurai he had slain.
  • Witness After a shootout with Corrupt cops, Detective John Book is cared for by the Amish community, whilst there he falls in love with an Amish widow and adapts to the Amish lifestyle.
  • Lt John Dunbar of Dances with Wolves was taken in by Sioux, many of whom disliked and distrusted him at first.
  • The central premise of Doc Hollywood.
  • To Wong Fu Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar.

  • The book Clan of the Cave Bear. A wounded, near death, orphan 5 year old Cro Magnon girl is taken in by a clan of Neandertals, even though they suspect nothing good will come of it.

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  • Luke Macahan in How The West Was Won is helped by the pacifistic Simonites, until trouble comes looking for him and he has to leave.

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  • After the final battle of Ace Combat Zero, the Final Boss of the game, your own ex-wingman Pixy, is nursed back to health by the Belkan villagers whom he (and his allies) bombed earlier. It is during his stay there that he begins to reassess his views that caused his Face-Heel Turn in the first place.

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