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discard No desire for kids.
Author or character doesn't like the idea of having kids.
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People having babies is quite important to the continuation of the human race. Some philosophers even opine that it's the point of our existence. But not everyone feels that having children is right for them, for a variety of reasons. When either a story conspicuously has no kids despite the reasonableness of their presence, or Bob or the author shudders at the thought of having children, this applies. Does not apply if Bob is evil or actively persecutes children, or thinks they'd cramp their style.


  • Alan Grant from Jurassic Park is none too fond of children, but softens to them after the events of the film. He's still uncomfortable with Ellie's kid in the third movie.

  • In I, Jedi, Corran remarks in the second chapter that his wife Mirax has decided she wants kids. Corran said that he didn't mind kids as long as they went home with their parents at the end of the day. He comes around.

Live Action TV:
  • Bernadette Rostenkowski in The Big Bang Theory, following a bad experience at a child's birthday party, plus some childhood trauma with a My Beloved Smother and an Axe Crazy pop. She and Howard have decided when they do have kids, she'll bring home the bacon, and he'll be a stay-at-home dad.
  • Bones used then subverted the trope. Brennan said in one of the early seasons that she did not want kids, and then, a couple seasons later, she wanted Booth's kid, and eventually became pregnant with his child.
  • Robin, from How I Met Your Mother, says many times she doesn't want children. Subverted, perhaps, once she finds out she can't have children.
  • Bob Newhart was quite adamant about his character not having kids in The Bob Newhart Show. According to one anecdote the writers wrote an episode where Emily (his wife) gets pregnant and sent it to him for review. Bob responded that it was great, and he only had one question about it: who are they going to get to play Bob?

Web Comic:
  • So far every character in Questionable Content that has expressed an opinion about having children has had a negative one. The cartoonist, Jeph Jacques, has expressed the same opinion in his newsposts.
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