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Needs More Examples alternative name: Pin Steal

Caption: Grab the pin for the win

Not related to Tomato Surprise

The pin is pulled from a grenade on a grenade belt, causing the wearer and anyone in the immediate vicinity to explode. It can be used to elaborately kill a tooled-up enemy or as a makeshift suicide belt. Expect it to be used on a nearly triumphant enemy leading to a cathartic Oh Crap! moment for the villain before he explodes. A case of Did Not Do The Research as grenades don't work that way. A subtrope of Why Am I Ticking?

  • Leon: Leon defeats the main villain using the suicide version of this
  • Raising Arizona: Hi steals the pin of one of the Badass Biker's grenades in the Most Triumphant Example of this trope
  • The Dark Knight: The Joker threatens to do this to escape a room full of mob bosses.
  • Tank Girl: The title character does this to the Water and Power mook who captured her, blowing him to bits.
  • Callof Duty:Black Ops: The protagonist is almost killed by an enemy pulling a suicidal version of this trope until the villain is tackled out of a window by a self-sacrificing friend.
  • X Men 2: Magneto pulls the pins from a squad of soldiers all at once using his powers.
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