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The Teapot Pose
One of the recurring Stock Poses for feminine and effeminate characters
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I'm a little teapot, honey! Short, stout, and va-voom!

The character stands jauntily with one arm perched on their hip, and the other raised and bent, looking much like, well, a sassy teapot; the raised arm vaguely resembles the pouring spout of a teapot while the lowered arm resembles its handle. Curving or bending the hips and legs is optional.

This pose is a "limp-wristed", sexier, version of Akimbo. It's related to Talk to the Hand, Finger Wag, the infamous duckface, and quite often the default pose of, like, the Valley Girl as well as Camp Gay, Camp Straight, Sassy Black Woman, The Ojou, and other famous and self-important people. You'll catch at least one celebrity striking this pose, or slight deviations, on any boardwalk or runway.

This pose is so common in fiction that it even appears with female superheroes or action heroines in exaggerated and out-of-place extremes, not unlike the Boobs-and-Butt Pose.

When adding examples, it is encouraged that you link to pictures or videos demonstrating the pose. Within the limits of fair use, of course.


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  • In Niels, the new guy who was hired into Niels' crime syndicate has some very set mental representations on what a gay person should look and act like. He knows that Neils is bisexual; that is enough for him to classify him as "fag" and dress him up in his mind as a stripper, complete with pink, see-through, skimpy outfit, makeup, jewelry, and an extra-hammy, hip-thursting version of this pose. When he finds out that the guy who hired him, Neils' second-in-command, whom he thought was pretty cool, sleeps with Neils, his mental image of him instantly shifts into a variation of the same stereotype.
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