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Unbreakable Dreamlike Rules

A place has an insane legal code... that is for some reason inviolable.

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This place may be run by Cloud Cuckoo Landers, an Alternate Dimension with its own cosmic rules, a Sugar Bowl where frowns are illegal, or even a dream. It's full of strange and whimsical rules that make a mockery of real wold laws, but for some reason everyone there treats them with sacrosanct fervor or resigned obedience. Despite everyone involved being the kind of person who would normally scoff at real life rules, laws and social convention, these madmen consider the ridiculous rules completely reasonable and unavoidable.

There probably isn't even anyone to enforce the rules (except peer pressure or social stigma from those who do obey the rules). But if there is, they're probably a Lawful Neutral law brigade in service to essentially Chaotic Neutral codified laws.

Analyzed on a deeper level, this trope is basically an inversion of real world law and order. Where in real life laws are (usually) reasonable, regularly enforced and at times disregarded by the populace, here they're completely unreasonable, irregularly enforced and yet perfectly accepted by the populace.
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