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Improbably Significant Characteristic
It seems like the only thing that didn't survive Krypton's destruction and end up on Earth was Kal-El's parents

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An Improbably Significant Characteristic is when a character has a notable or defining trait that reflects very improbable events, yet that trait becomes a constant motif. Time, distance, probabability, and plausibility are no obstacles to the defining trait showing up again and again. It is easy to see why this can occur; when a characteristic is significant enough to a character, naturally people want to play with it. It becomes a problem when the re-uses dilute the original defining trait, such that it no longer uniquely defines the original character.

Examples: Comic Books
  • Even though Superman was exiled on Earth from an improbably far away planet that was destroyed, Krypton's worst villains somehow end up alive on Earth, along with Superman's cousin, a Kryptonian dog, and Kryptonite Is Everywhere.
  • Adamantium is incredly rare and difficult to work with substance in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine's origin is virtually defined by the conjunction of his regeneration power, adamantium, and deadly combat training. Naturally, several of his enemies have basically those same traits.

Live Action Film
  • In Kung Fu Hustle, the lead character is obsessed with mastering kung fu. Naturally, it turns out all his enemies, friends, and neighbors are secretly kung fu experts of varying ability.
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