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Invasion Redecoration
Foreign invading armies redecorate local buildings with their flags, propaganda, and other motifs.
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"Let's change the decor!"

In a war story that tells the tale of a resistance fighter or simply that of a person living under foreign occupation, one of the most common things that happen is the that the invader usually decides that those walls on that building could use a few propaganda posters or that the city hall would look absolutely gorgeous when it has their flags hanging from its front. This is most common in a visual medium as it is a short hand method of establishing what just happened to the people living in this city. In extreme cases, entire buildings will be remodeled inside and out; usually happens in more fantastical settings.


  • Homefront has promotional artwork that shows various buildings having the North Korean flag draped over its sides as well as having many more non-descript buildings with propaganda posters placed on its outside walls.
  • In Half-Life 2, various buildings have been shown to have be retrofitted with a Combine technology. Streets and other passageways have been equipped with force fields that only authorized personnel may pass through and many doors are outfitted with an electronic lock instead of a mechanic lock.
  • In Brütal Legend, when the Tainted Coil take over Bladehenge the giant stone swords that give the location its name get a demonic makeover involving many chains and Spikes of Doom.
  • Truth in Television: Whenever Nazi Germany invaded, they'd display swastikas on all the tall building.
  • C&C Generals featured this for the end of the China campaign and again for the China ending in Zero Hour.
  • In City of Heroes, Recluse's Victory, the top-level open Player Versus Player zone, features pillboxes which the players can take over. Securing one will transform the surrounding section of the zone to match your faction's alignment.
  • Magic: The Gathering; In the New Phyrexia set, the Phyrexians have succeeded in taking over Mirrodin, and the set's basic lands depict the locations featured on the original Mirrodin set's artifact lands in their newly-corrupted state.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: In all the major cities the Fire Nation took over, they covered the major symbols of the other nation with their own.
  • 8-Bit Theater: "This is not how I remember it."
  • In some of the Civilization games (at the very least the second one), the architectural style of the city graphic sometimes changes to fit that of the conquering power. This, of course, goes a bit beyond mere redecoration.
  • Another Real Life example: This is part of the symbolism around the use of flags in general. Flying a flag over a piece of ground implies a claim of some sort to that spot. Lowering the flag is a sign of surrender, and replacing one flag with another symbolizes a transition of control, whether voluntary or otherwise. By way of example, this is why no flag can be legally flown higher than the Stars and Stripes on American soil according to the U.S. Flag Code.

  • Battle of the Bulge (1965). At the end of the German siege of the town of Ambleve, the scene changes to a shot of the Nazi flag being raised as a way of showing that the town has fallen.
  • The Philadelphia Experiment 2. After the Nazis conquer the U.S. they have a stylized version of the Nazi Eagle symbol everywhere.
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