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MLPFIM Episode Recap Style Guide

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There is a tendency to edit war over certain things keep cropping up.

  • What is the proper spelling of the name of Applejack's baby sister? It is Apple Bloom rather than Applebloom. Two words. Second word capitalized. It appears this way in the credits for the show, so that's Word of God, pretty much.
  • Is Pegasus capitalized or lowercase? Pegasus and Pegasi are not capitalized. The only Pegasus that is a proper noun is the one from Greek Mythology (or the Disney movie).
  • Do we Capitalize Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn? We will probably need a consensus on this one unless there's a Word of God that all three pony breeds are regularly capitalized.

Certain Things we know about the Mane Six' that should be on their character pages but also should be kept in mind when working on an Episode Recap.

The entire Mane Cast (and Spike) are all capable of Innocently Insensitive, though some of them can catch it in others.


  • is just not good with foals, and having realized this, doesn't want to deal with them if she doesn't have to. Proof of this comes from "Stare Master" and "Sisterhooves Social". They tax her generous nature.

Twilight Sparkle

  • is a little socially awkward. We know this from multiple episodes including "Sweet or Elite" and "Baby Cakes" in which she doesn't realize how she's coming across to others.
    • Twilight has Super OCD which we known from multiple episodes including "Lesson Zero".
  • is good at picking out/recommending books that ponies around her will like (Read It And Weep). She's not so good at determining when they would like something else (Secret of My Excess), nor about determining whether it's a good idea to let them read the book just because they seem interested in it (Hearts and Hooves Day). Part of this is that she gets overexcited at the idea of somebody else liking a book as much as she does.

The Apple Family

  • The family is huge, but the family also has farms all over Equestria, and while they are great in numbers, they only tend to get together for big events like the Apple Family Reunion.
  • The Ponyville Apples make products that are so good that ponies line up for miles to get some.
    • Zap Apples as in "Family Appreciation Day"
    • Apple Cider as in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000"
  • Applejack, Apple Bloom, Granny and Big Macintosh all share the family pride, too, though only Big Mac is quiet and circumspect about it when insulted (at least so far).


  • Fluttershy disguises as a tree
  • Fluttershy thinks of herself as not a very strong flier, and this is true unless there's an emergency or a dire need.
    • She had to catch Rainbow Dash in "The Return of Harmony"
    • She had to catch Spike and Rarity in "Secret of My Excess"
    • Dash recalls her catching a baby bird in a fantastic dive in "Hurricane Fluttershy".
  • Fluttershy suffers from stage fright
    • "Hearth's Warming Eve"
    • "Hurricane Fluttershy"
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    "Do we Capitalize Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn? We will probably need a consensus on this one unless there's a Word Of God that all three pony breeds are regularly capitalized."

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