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Save Skill Points For Later
Increasing your character's abilities early hamstrings his power later on.
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Do We Have This One?? Needs a Better Title, this doesn't have to be limited to "skill points" per se, but any game where increasing your power early on penalizes you later. Possible title Early Strength Equals Later Weakness if we dont have the concept already.

In some games that give you skill or stat points as you gain levels or advance through the game, developing early skills makes things easier at first, but means you can't put those points in more powerful skills later on, effectively making those points wasted.

Playing Diablo 3 (which deliberately averts this) made me think of Diablo 2, where this was in full effect until they redesigned the skill system to have low level skills provide bonuses to later ones. I know there are other games I've played with this issue, but can't think of them right now.
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