Created By: whatreally on November 6, 2011

Timely interruption

The interruption before a swearword

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There are a lot of films that are child proof, yet have a character that is just way too bad assed not to swear during the story. But you can't have anything stronger than "poot", can you? Just in case it ofends the poor little kiddies' ears. So, instead of bleeping a character, someone has to open the door/ burst through the roof etc just before they swear. This effectively cuts off any rude words. An example of this is "You can take your [inseart current topic here] and shove it up your-" enter character. This happens quite frequently actually. For instance in X-Men (1), where Wolverine says "Hey, why don't you take your little mission and stick it up your-" and then Storm comes bursting in, with (of course) dramatic news.
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