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Quirky Neighbour Country
Countries A and B are neighbours and very similar culturally; A sees B as a quirky, often amusing variant of A
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Many countries big and small have a Quirky Neighbour Country.

It's that country on your border, usually smaller and/or less populous than your own country. They speak the same language as you (albeit in a funny accent), or something that sounds very much like it. They also share a lot of their history and culture with your country; in fact, their country is just like yours, except it's... quirky. You and your countrymen make jokes about them very often; their bizarre laws and practices never cease to amaze you. The citizens of the Quirky Neighbour Country will often take these jokes in good spirit and occasionally crack a few jokes back at your country, which they might view as a Quirky Neighbour Country.


  • Black Books references this a few times between Ireland and the UK, as does The IT Crowd. Both have Irish characters in the main cast who usually blend in but sometimes make jokes about their nationality. E.g. in an episode of the latter, Roy meets a guy who claims to "looove Irish people!" and is rather patronising about it.
  • The New Zealand/Australia relationship is referenced on Flight of the Conchords. New Zealand is painted as a quirky and weird little country, but then again, perhaps that's because the only three New Zealanders shown are Brett, Jermaine and Murray.
  • In Gavin and Stacey the English Shipman family clearly feel this way about the Welsh West family.

Real Life
  • Belgium to the Netherlands and France.
  • Canada to the United States. This even has its own subtrope.
  • The Czech Republic to Poland.
  • Denmark, Norway and Sweden to each other.
  • Ireland to the United Kingdom (and within the UK, Scotland and Wales to England).
  • New Zealand to Australia.
  • Portugal to Spain.
  • Switzerland and Austria to Germany.
  • The Ukraine to Russia.
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