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Modern Sidekick = Caregiver
This is how a lot of Sidekick todays are like care givers because heroes are so dysfunctional
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In the olden days the role of a side kick was basically to sit there and say to the hero “Wow, you’re so brilliant Holmes” which isn’t very interesting character wise

Also in the olden days heroes use to be more functional and normal but today thanks to things like Rain Man and House we’ve got it into our heads that being brilliant requires you to be barley able to heat up a pot noodle or have a conversation without burning your house down or getting punched. This change has led to the side kick role morphing from that of a fan boy to that of special needs teacher assigned to a autistic guy to make sure he doesn’t starve well he invents cold fusion


Live-Action TV
  • House. Wilson serves a role like this for House especially when they move in together.
  • Monk. Monk's sidekick is his nurse, Sharona, later Natalie.

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