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Standard Pop Songwriting Format
Most songs nowadays are all the same in terms of when choruses and special parts are used.
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Intro* --> Verse 1 --> Chorus --> Verse 2 --> Chorus --> Middle 8** --> Chorus --> Ending*

This format is what most songwriters seem to base their songs on in terms of how they sing it, judging by their works. Whether it's planned or not is not determined... but with the sheer amount it sure looks like it. (*)The Intro and Ending aren't set in stone, but it's common for them to be the chorus (usually the intro, see Lyrical Cold Open) or a variant (usually the ending, and may lack some instruments). The ending may also be the chorus over and over, fading out after a couple rounds. (**)This more than likely takes the form of the chorus but with less of the instruments, which will re-enter either after the part is over, midway through it, or partially through it and the rest at the end.
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