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(Usually) a woman loses her significant other for the duration of his team's sports season.
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Seen It a Million Times, primarily in sitcoms. A man's life stops when his team is playing. The children could be running with scissors or playing with matches, but the man is completely oblivious to anything but whether the umpire's BS call (and whether the mother can get him a beer in time). The girlfriend could walk in front of the TV in the most stripperiffic lingerie known to man, but all the guy wants is for her to get out of the way so he can see the instant replay of the game-winning one-handed catch.

Sometimes the girl, in the interest of not losing her man for months, will attempt to follow his team. Either she will be obnoxiously ignorant or pick up on the game so quickly that she will become a far more rabid fan.

Examples: Home Improvement: Jill knew that her husband was basically useless when the Detroit Lions were on. Sex and the City: One of Sam's Guys of the Week would refuse to have sex while his basketball team was playing. Sam tried to indulge his fandom, but when he turned out to have a team for every season, she walked away. Real Life Aversion: Holly Robinson Peete, wife of former NFL Quarterback Rodney Peete wrote a book on how women can forego sports widowhood and become her partner's game-watching buddy.

I know there are more examples, but this is a start.
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