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Splitting up Five Rounds Rapid as suggested by this thread.

A wild monster has appeared and is reeking havoc in the small town and the random Bus Full of Innocents. Suddenly, the Red Shirt Army shows up to save the day with soldiers, Humvees, tanks, artillery, and full carrier groups. Wait, what happened to all those big fancy weapons that aren't man portable or bolted to the top of Humvees?

This trope occurs when the army shows up and only brings man portable weapons and other small arms, rather than rolling up the artillery and laying waste to all in their path, as appropriate. This does, naturally, exclude any kind of action behind enemy lines or combat where heavy weapons can't be deployed.

Frequently results in Our Weapons Are Useless. The aversion/subversion of this is Escalating Weapon Usage.


Film - Animated


Film - Live Action

  • Starship Troopers movie, the Mobile Infantry seems to have forgotten everything we've learned about combined arms warfare. The MI's only tactic is to attack in massed numbers using small arms and the occasional nuke. At no point in the movie is there any evidence of artillery or close air support, tanks or armored personnel carriers, special weapons squads with mortars or heavy machine guns. Nor do the ships seem to possess the capability of the orbital equivalent of shore bombardment, despite the fact that one scene has several bombers do a strafing run on the surface. We get the barest of a glimpse of such things in a flashforward near the end, where a trooper has what is functionally a grenade launcher.


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