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Easy to Break, Hard to Fix
Apple Products
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Often used in fiction to explain why the Applied Phlebotinum doesn't work more than once. Though plenty of Real Life examples exist...

Many works involve the world ending device to be this.

Probably Needs A Better Title...

[[folder:Video Game]]
  • System Shock 2's weapons, you can break them by firing a few dozen rounds, and you need an expensive(skill point wise and money wise) skill to fix them
    • there are shortcuts
    • unless you're playing on impossible...

[[folder:Web Original]]
  • SCP-914, while hard to break, it is exponentially hard to fix, if even a small part of it is missing... ie, ONE gear

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • Apple Products, specifically, gen 6
  • New nerf guns are like this, you drop them or put the dart in wrong, and you have to take it apart too fix it...
    • sometimes you can't even do that
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