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Hero Who Doesn't Do Anything

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Do We Have This One?? Needs More Examples. In a work of fiction, The Hero is usually the character that does the most good. Usually. Sometimes, though, they don't really do anything of much importance. Seen most in stories with a Villain Protagonist, this hero doesn't necessarily mean the hero has never done anything; they just do pretty much nothing in the time the work of fiction takes place that affects the plot. Compare/Contrast Villain Who Doesnt Do Anything.

The Hero didn't add any examples, so you'll have to.

  • In Megamind, the hero (at first) is Metro Man, and the only thing he really does in the movie that affects the plot is fake his own death, and give Megamind a pep talk. Though in a montage in the beginning, he stops Megamind's evil plans many times, but that hardly affects the plot at all.
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