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National Stereotype Cast

A background cast of NationalStereotypes.

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Often, there's pressure nowadays for media to include representation from other cultures. Or they need an international assembly as a one-shot gag. The problem is, there's not enough time to actually put effort into portraying those cultures accurately if they're minor or background characters, so more often than not, these characters will often be a gallery of National Stereotypes.

When done with major characters, it's a Five-Token Band. Nations as People will often utilize this, and it's sometimes a case of Equal-Opportunity Offender.


Anime and Manga


Live-Action TV
  • In Star Trek, everyone outside of the main Power Trio is pretty much a national stereotype (except for Uhura who's a woman stereotype): Scotty is a Scotsman who loves whiskey and references Scottish culture all the time. And his name... Sulu is a levelheaded Japanese guy who loves botany, antiquing, and fencing. And Chekov is cocky Russian guy who keeps talking about how great is Mother Russia (which was a stereotype in the US at the time).

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • On The Critic, Jay Sherman's son goes to the U.N. school, and everybody in his class is a national sterotype. The child of the representative of Easter Island even has an Eenie, Meenie, Miny Moai head.
  • One episode of The Fairly Oddparents involved the main cast attending an international cooking competition, featuring the Japanese chef Sue Shi and the German host Brad Wurst.
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