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She and Her Never Fight Crime Together

In shows with two leads that fight crimes, woman-woman pairing are almost non-existent

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When it comes to procedural TV shows, having a pair of leads is very, very common. However, if one looks carefully at all shows using this model - by browsing They Fight Crime! for example, one realizes quickly that said leads can be both men, a man and a woman, but almost never two women. The reason for that is unclear, but it may be similar to why, in toy ads, boys and girls will be shown playing with toys geared for boys, but only girls will play with toys geared for girls. Basically, it's the idea that men stories or toys are accessible to everyone, while women stories and toys are only accessible to girls.

Since this trope is about a near-omnipresent fact in television, the only examples should be the precious few aversions.


The Birds of Prey coomic book starts like this with Oracle and Black Canary, but wuickly turns into an ensemble affair.

Cagney & Lacey

Rizzoli & Isles
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