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Memetic Troll
A person that is seen as a troll by the fandom
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A slightly less dangerous (usually) variant of the Memetic Psychopath, the Memetic Troll is a character the fandom likes to depict as a Troll.

Quite often, the actual character isn't really one, but gets this reputation due to something he did or said in-story for no apparent other reason than screwing with others (such as neglecting a major detail about something in a situation where it would have been crucial) that cannot be blamed on his stupidity. It's also possible for the character to actually be a troll in the original support, but get this reputation exaggerated for laugh by the fandom. In any case, the character has a reputation of being a Troll that have become a Memetic Mutation.

Obviously an example of Memetic Mutation. Compare Never Live It Down.


Anime and Manga

Comic Book
  • M.O.D.O.K., normally a half-comical-half-sadistic villain of Marvel Comics, becomes this in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. From his Evil Laughs in many in his attacks (and in his Victory Pose in particular), some of his quotes that can come off as sadistically insane, his unorthodox playstyle (in that he can fly freely and mainly excels in keep-aways), and the fact that he just looks plain ridiculous and comes rather out of the blue (when compared to many other Marvel fan favorites that don't come in), the fans seemingly sees him as a potent troll. Oh, and his theme goes with trolling.
  • Deadpool is unquestionably a Troll in-universe, and the fact he is found of Breaking the Fourth Wall just helped him to get this reputation to Memetic Mutation level.

  • The Wizard of Oz
    • Glinda doesn't just tell Dorothy from the start that her ruby slippers have the power to bring her back home. In-story, the justification would be that, had she told her, Dorothy wouldn't have gone through her travel and grown up with it, but most people like to attribute it to Glinda just wanting to screw with her.

      Interestingly, this is actually an error from the adaptation, since the film combines two characters from the book: Glinda the Good Witch of the South and the (unnamed) Good Witch of the North. The one from the North tells Dorothy to go to the Wizard; and after the Wizard flies off in his balloon everyone suggests that she visit Glinda, who is the one who tells her that she had the power all along.

  • The Muppets
    • Statler and Waldorf are considered by many fans and others to be the original trolls (in fact, one popular meme names them as, "Trolling before there was trolling." Given that their main schtick on The Muppet Show was sitting up in the balcony and heckling almost everyone in the show (they're especially merciless with Fozzie), which is a characteristic that continually follows them from medium to medium, helps validate this opinion. Their Screw Politeness, I'm A Senior! personalities also helps.

      For a short while in the mid-2000s, Statler and Waldorf actually had their own webcast where they would review (or rip apart) the latest movie releases. This was in the days before The Nostalgia Critic. They even got their own Just for Fun page on this site.

  • Sol of the Warrior Cats series has gained a memetic reputation as a troll thanks to his Affably Evil attitude and the smug expression he had on a book cover (which later got edited so it wasn't so smug). Here is a macro that got passed around for a bit with that original image.

  • Inverted with Akita Neru from Vocaloid. She's a Miku derivative who acts as a personification of trolling following an incident of Google censoring every Miku picture in the net (long story); her name means "I'm tired; off to bed" coming from people who tried to stop the talk about the issue. The inversion comes when her origins become glossed over over time and she's mostly depicted as a Deadpan Snarker (and sometimes Tsundere) in Fanon.

Tabletop Games
  • Eldrad Ulthuan in Warhammer40K is one of if not the most powerful Eldar Farseer in the game. Fanon has him exploit his ability to flawlessly predict the future to... play stupid pranks on people (hence the phrase "Eldrad: What a dick"). Asdrubael Vect and Creed get similar reputations, and the Chaos god Tzeentch is god of false hope and betrayal.

Video Games
  • Touhou
    • Yukari Yakumo is notorious among the fandom for her mischievous nature and her use of gaps for all kinds of purposes, as well as staging elaborate schemes just to piss someone off, though she usually toys with Reimu.
    • Tewi Inaba also gets this treatment due to the numerous pranks that she pulls and the fact that she never gets punished for them, the blame often falling upon resident Eientei Chew Toy Reisen instead. This is canon though as it's how she's depicted in Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth.
    • And newcomer Seija Kijin is rapidly becoming one due to being the queen of Interface Screw in the game Double Dealing Character and the fact that she's the one behind the entire trouble in that game, despite her position as a stage 5 boss.
  • Hazama, a.k.a. Terumi Yuuki, from BlazBlue. This bastard trolls everyone in the series, and such is his nature that he feeds on other people's hatred of him, which he instills in others through his horrible acts. As a result, his trolling has reached out Memetic level that goes even beyond his usual high-level trolling. He's even earned his place on the pantheon of This Very Wiki as the God of Trolling.
  • The Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls II, while simply delivering a Disproportionate Retribution to the fool who provoked its ire, is often lauded by the fandom as a merciless troll who revels in the frustrations of players who die way too often to its incredibly random attack pattern, sometimes taking flight just for the sake of it (and not raining down fire), and possibly crushing some hapless fool upon landing.
  • Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4. Usually a Ditzy Genius Yamato Nadeshiko, the event at the Amagi Inn where she messed up the schedules of the boys on purpose and makes their stay at her inn just [[Played for Laughs hilariously unpleasant has made people think she's a rather sneaky Troll.

Web Comics

Western Animation

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