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Morally Weak
They don't live up to their own ideals, which they believe in, because they are weak and flawed
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I saw that many misuses (as of the article description) of Hypocrite actually mean this. Thus, if we are going to have Hypocrite and Straw Hypocrite, we should also have a page for this particular kind of cognitive dissonance. This is une of the if not the most important reason one may be Unfit for Greatness.

No Real Life Examples, Please!.



  • Corneille's tragedies are all about characters struggling with this.
  • As are some of William Shakespeare's: Macbeth fails at being a good guy, and asked his wife for help... but she only pushed him through the Moral Event Horizon. Hamlet really wants to avenge his father, but he doesn't have the guts to, and instead he just spends time torturing the women who love him, because they are easy and convenient outlets.

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