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No Time for Medical Treatment
A character, upon waking up in a medical setting, immediately rips out all medicinal apparatus.
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If a real person wakes up in a hospital, most of them would react the same way: "Goodness! What happened? What are all these tubes? They're probably keeping me alive, so I'd better leave them alone wherever possible!"

Not so in fiction! Any character with some task left to accomplish before the end credits will almost instinctively seem to rip out I Vs, sensors, and all other medical jiggers potentially keeping them alive. This is rarely a problem for them; it's just another way of showing how badass a character is, or how single-minded they are to reach their goal, or more rarely showing that doctors are not as clever as they think.

Sometimes justified when doctors or geniuses wake up and instantly know what's going on. Sometimes a lead up to a conspiracy as the hero is actually being poisoned by the so-called medicine and must break free its hold on them. Often crosses over with Abandoned Hospital Awakening if the place is deserted and the hero can't leave their bed without shedding a bit.
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