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Delusional Relationship
A character believes they are in a romantic relationship with another character when they are not.
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A character may be just a little out of touch with reality, a Yandere stalker, an arrogant Casanova or just confused. One way to help show that is to have them believe they are in a romantic relationship with another character when they actually are not. Or they believe that another character loves them when the other character actually does not. Sometimes, when the character tries to tell the deluded character directly that they are not in a relationship and that they do not love them they may not believe them or not take it well. See also Abhorrent Admirer. Contrast Girlfriend in Canada, where the character lies about being in a relationship with an unseen person.


Anime and Manga
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion Ritsuko deludes herself that Gendo genuinely loves her instead of just having her as a mistress. When she is proven wrong, she incinerates the Rei clones and in End of Evangelion, she hacks the MAGI to remotely self-destruct it as a final up yours... only to have the woman personality of Naoko in Casper-3 veto the order. Gendo instantly pulls a gun and kills her.
  • In School Days one hint that Kotonoha is not entirely sane comes when she keeps telling other people that she is the girlfriend of Makoto even though he broke up with her. Sekai acts much the same way about Makoto as well.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena Saionji feels that he and Anthy love each other and are destined for one another. However, Anthy doesn't feel the same.
  • Nozomu from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei seems to accidentally attract every girl in his class, with the students thinking he's in love with her. For example, Matoi (Stalker with a Crush) falls in love with him and stalks him, even though it's a completely one-sided relationship. Trust me, there are more.

Comic Books
  • In Peanuts Linus is NOT Sally's "Sweet Baboo".


  • In Caught in the Act by Peter Moore, Lydia believes herself to be in a relationship with Ethan. However, Ethan tells her they are not dating. Lydia does not take it well.

Live-Action TV
  • In True Blood even after Bill tells Lorena multiple times that he hates her guts and can not stand the sight of her, she still has the nerve to ask him when will they see each other again.
  • In Oz Claire believes that Tim has feelings for her after they go out at her insistence and have sex. Tim tells her he does not and Claire does not take it well.
  • Eye of the Stalker is a TV movie starring Jere Burns as a delusional legal assistant who believes that the daughter (Brooke Langton) of a judge (Joanna Cassidy) is a perfect match and that he is destined to marry her, based on a true story.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Spike has this for the title character when they weren't together anyway.
    • Harmony with Spike. She continues to call him things like her "Little Lamb" and her "Boo Boo" and insist that they have a mutual relationship despite the fact that Spike told her that "I love syphilis more than you," once staked her when she wouldn't stop talking, and let her know that he is pretty much in it for the sex (which he still has to work himself up for most of the time). Yet she still calls him her boyfriend and keeps living with him in his crypt.
  • In Psych, the serial killer "Mr. Yang", who's actually a woman, believes herself to be in a romantic relationship with Sean. In Seasons 4 and 5 when they're dealing with her counterpart, "Mr. Yin", Sean and Gus often have to visit her in jail to get information about Yin. Each time, Yang treats Sean as if he's her significant other/boyfriend, treating their exchanges as coy flirtations or relationship fights.
  • An episode of Law & Order deals with a woman with erotomania (the medical term for this delusion) who kills the wife of the man she's obsessed with. That she's otherwise incredibly intelligent, cogent, and calm leads the police to believe she's actually having an affair with the man and that they conspired to kill his wife.
  • C.C. Babcock on The Nanny is convinced that she and Maxwell Sheffield are in love, even though Maxwell repeatedly states that they are business partners, and nothing more.

Web Original

Western Animation

Real Life
  • The official psychological term for this brand of delusion is erotomania, though it has also been called de Clerambault syndrome.

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