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Soviet Superscience
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The counterpart to Stupid Jetpack Hitler, namely the tendency to give those Dirty Reds technologies far beyond their western counterparts. After the end of the Cold War this is something of a Discredited Trope and usually only played for laughs. Although "abonodned Soviet experiments" seems to be a fairly common trope.

  • Red Alert. 'nuff said. Mind controlled squids, cloning vats, Weaponized Tesla Coils...
  • The Marvel Universe has it's share of soviet experiments gone awry, the most Ultimate Universe series Ultimate Nightmare took place almost entirely in a complex dedicated to this.
  • Some James Bond movies.
  • Freedom Force features Nuclear Winter who is a soviet spy dunked in his own chemicals, Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich features Red October, who for some unexplained reason is a witch.
  • Dr. Strangelove features the Soviet Doomsday Device... That they neglected to tell anyone about.
    • The Soviets developed the device due to the fact that the U.S. had already considered a similar device already: "Our source was the New York Times."
  • The story where the Marvel Universe monster Fin Fang Foom originated is all about the chinese communists attacking Taiwan with a dragon.

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