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The Patient Has Left The Building
A hospital patient makes a point of getting up and walking out against the advice of their doctor.
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Doctor's Orders are powerful things, often able to keep even the most badass characters in line... but not this guy!

Whether he's just woken up from a Convenient Coma or the surgeon has just finished stitching him up after getting the bullet out, the medical advice -- either straight from the lips of The Medic or suggested by a concerned loved-one -- is for him to rest up and hang around for observation in case of complications or side-effects. But no, Heroic Resolve will see him through.

To qualify, there should be someone arguing the case that he should stay in bed, or an obvious attempt to evade hospital staff as he sneaks out. If he just gets up, grabs his coat and waves to the nurse on his way out, it's not this trope.

Said patient will often Pull the I.V..

See also You Can Barely Stand, I Can Still Fight, Just A Flesh Wound.


Anime and Manga
  • In Dragon Ball Z, after being beaten up by Vegeta and sent to the hospital, Goku repeatedly tries to escape the hospital to train (he actually succeeds once, but he's sent back to the hospital).
  • Itazurana Kiss: When Yuuko Matsumoto is admitted due to a Duodenal Cancer or Ulcer(depending on the subtitles), and is required to have surgery and rest, she refuses to listen to any doctor's orders and leaves the building,in her hospital clothes, to get to a meeting related to the company she started!
  • Monster: Johan is supposed to be in bed after brain surgery for a while, but Johan sneaks out and takes his sister with him. This however gets on a later stage with the locksmith, which becomes the first victim we see Johan execute in the series (the doctors he murdered are on another issue, that is indirect and as a "favor" to Tenma).

Comic Books
  • From Archie Comics, when Big Ethel wanted to care for a badly injured Jughead (he got hurt trying to run away from her) he fled the hospital.

  • In the Marvel film named for him, Thor is exiled to Earth, where he is hit by a van and hospitalized. When he wakes up he doesn't know where he is, so he flees the hospital, beating up everyone who tries to restrain him.
  • In Secondhand Lions after Hub collapses, Garth and Walter take him to the hospital. A while later he wakes up and comes storming out of his room, demanding to know who put him there.

  • Corwin at the start of the first Amber book.
  • In The Dresden Files, Harry always checks himself out of hospitals the minute he's mobile enough to do so. Justified because he's a Walking Techbane and fears that some innocent patient's life-support might short out if he stays.

Live-Action TV
  • Booth in the Bones episode "Two Bodies in the Lab". He insists on leaving the hospital to go save Brennan.
  • The Fourth Doctor does this in his first appearance on Doctor Who.
    "You might be a doctor but I'm the Doctor."
  • Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer wakes up from a coma and leaves without authorization. (She doesn't sneak around, but she knocks out a few personnel on the way out who try to stop her.)

Video Games
  • In the level "Trauma" from Hotline Miami, your character (who has just awoken from a coma) must sneak out of his hospital room. It's the game's only Stealth-Based Mission, and your character will pass out if he exerts himself too much.
  • In It Came From The Desert: Antheads, the player has to escape from a hospital controlled by the evil antheads... in a wheelchair.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • In The Rescuers Down Under, Wilbur tries escaping from the hospital that he was confined in after hurting his back, with the Doctor Mouse and his nurses chasing after him, trying to bring him back to the operating room.
  • One Herman cartoon featured a doctor telling the nurse "Keep a close eye on this one", in reference to a patient half-out of bed and wearing roller skates.
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