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Identical From Behind Gag
When a chaser catches up to his prey in a crowd but it turns out to be a very similar stranger.
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AKA Sorry, I Thought You Were Someone Else

A guy or girl is either chasing their lover who is about to disappear forever or a cop is chasing a fugitive. They spot them in the crowd but when they finally catch up and forcefully turn them around it's just a random incredibly similar looking stranger. The random stranger is for some reason also dressed almost exactly like the fugitive. When done purposely it could be a Decoy Getaway and Lost in a Crowd.

Film (Live Action)

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Adam Sandler sees a hot blonde dressed as a Playboy bunny but when he calls out she turns out to be David Spade.
  • The Departed Matt Damon's character realizes he's being chased by someone with a baseball cap so he waits behind a truck. He finally jumps out and stabs some random Asian guy wearing a cap.
  • In Conversationswith Other Women the Man during most of his twenties keeps running up to women from behind him that resemble his Love Interest.
  • A classic example in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, with Rooney coming up behind someone he thinks is Ferris and saying "Les jeux sont faits. 'Translation: the game is up'. Your ass is mine." SHE then turns around and spits soda on him.
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Scott calls out to Lucas Lee but is ignored. When he goes up and turns him around, it's not Lee but his Body Double.

  • In How I Met Your Mother, Barney spends some time trying to figure out who's been mysteriously cockblocking him, and chases a mysterious blond out of a bar. The first blond he grabs and asks if he ever slept with her and then seriously screwed her over. He realizes it wasn't her, leaves, asks for her number, then leaves again and grabs the right blond.
  • Parodied on an episode of Scrubs when Cox grabs Turk's shoulder from behind, only instead of Turk (bald black man), it's a petite, bald black woman. Later, JD goes to get Carla, only it's a mustachiod hispanic man with long hair and a mustache.
  • An episode of Bones has a terrorist with a dioxin bomb about to blow up a peace conferene. At one point Booth nabs who he thinks is the guy, but he turns around and it's someone else.
  • In Angel, when Fred is on the run from her brainwashed friends, she loses them by taking off her jacket and giving it to a stranger with similar hair. In the time in takes her pursuers to see the stranger from the front, Fred manages to hide.

  • In Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey mystery 'Have His Carcass', inverted. Bunter thinks a man coming out of a room is not the same who went in, but when he turns, he recognizes the back and, deducing a disguise, follows.
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