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Unavoidable Combat Sequence

A portion of the game that forces you into open combat even if you were allowed to avoid it before.

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Some games, particularly RPGs, allow the players to complete their objectives in a multitude of ways, be it straight-up combat, stealth, diplomacy, or something more exotic. Every so often, however (usually during Boss Fights or towards the end of the game), a game decides to suspend the players' right to avoid combat and dumps them in the middle of an open battle which they theoretically could handle--had they been developing the combat skills, rather than any other preferred path. If they had not, then alas, the battle catches them with their metaphorical pants down.

In a way, the polar opposite of Stealth-Based Mission. Compare also Duel Boss and No-Gear Level, which can be similarly frustrating if you have been mainly relying on your party or powerful equipment in combat. Contrast RPGs Equal Combat, where every encounter is resolved by fighting without any alternatives.


  • Zig-Zagged in Deus Ex: Human Revolution: you must fight the first three of the game's bosses, even though it's perfectly possible to reach them without ever firing a shot. The Final Boss, however, can be beaten in the same multitude of ways as the majority of the game.
  • The original Assassin's Creed ramped up the combat aspect of the gameplay towards the endgame, which basically consisted of a series of ever-larger battles. This is despite the fact that you can and should avoid open combat for most of the game.
  • A Dance with Rogues really ramps up the combat towards the end of part one. Whereas you can mostly avoid fighting either by sneaking around or talking really fast at the beginning, you will find yourself fighting for your life multiple times in Chapter 3.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons, like all tabletop RPGs, generally lets you solve encounters however the party sees fit. When the DM immediately orders you to roll for initiative, however, you know you've got a unavoidable fight on your hands.

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