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Orc Raised By Elves
A member of an (Always) evil group being raised by good people
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I don't think this exists, but basically, this is the opposite of Raised by Orcs. In that trope, someone who is from a good group is raised by villains; this is the opposite.

This trope, like the other one, gets into the nurture/nature issue. Sometimes, the "orc" will turn out good, thanks to their upbringing, but at other occasions, being evil is In the Blood.

Compare with The Farmer and the Viper, which sometimes overlaps, although that's more generally about evil characters being incapable of reciprocating kindness.


  • In the New Gods series, Orion is this, being part of an experiment/peace deal that also included Raised by Orcs. Scott Free was the son of one of the benevolent deities and was given to be raised by the Evil Overlord Darkseid. Darkseid's son, Orion, was raised in his place. Both of them grow up to be heroes.

  • This is interestingly presented in Thor. Loki had always felt different but never realized he was a Frost Giant, since his Shapeshifting powers disguised his true appearance. When he discovers the truth, he's furious, especially because while Odin loved him, Odin is right that he was more or less taken as a bargaining chip to guarantee good behavior by the Frost Giants. Loki goes on to make a deal with the Giants and allow them to invade Asgard which is actually part of a Batman Gambit- Loki hates Frost Giants and in a twisted way of proving his loyalty to Asgard, planned to wipe out his own species.


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