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Noisy Outfit
Some clothing produces unrealistically loud noises when the wearer moves
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Not always unrealistically, though. In real life, these sorts of clothing actually produce a faint noise, but in this trope, it's unrealistically loud, in fact loud enough that you can hear the character coming before you see them, identify characters by the sound of their noisy outfits, and this amplifies the significance of the outfit in question. But sneaking in such a noisy suit may be hard.

  • Armor. It's obvious that metal armor clangs. By making it clang especially loudly, you can drive home the point that this character is prepared for battle and expects trouble.
  • Noisy boots. If metal armor is too outdated in your setting, you can send the same message through jackboots, combat boots or another military footwear: it produces loud, pounding footsteps.
  • Leather. To amplify the effect of the Hell-Bent for Leather trope, you make the hellbentness audible: the outfit squeaks when the character moves.
  • Pimped Out Dresses and the like. They have a sound cue, too: they rustle and sough.
  • Jester's motley. It has bells sewn into it, so you can identify a jester by the ringing. Some sources also mention similar suits used to train rogues to move silently.

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