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Prominent Feisty Female Character
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In many animated films in the 21st century, it’s likely that a token strong female character who reviewers will call “feisty" will show up.

They are often the best friend of the main male star of a film. Sometimes, they may even have some commentary about sexism or male domination. She may be brave, smart, or strong, but her part in the narrative is devoted to helping the male character on his quest.

They are often the Tsundere and an UnkemptBeauty Tomboy.

This trope is essentially a more modern take on the Smurfette Principle in that the Token Girl is feisty or an Action Girl as opposed to being The Chick or playing any other traditionally submissive gender role. Unlike the Smurfette Principle, there may be two or three of her, but everyone else in the cast is still male. Despite the lip service of being a supposedly feminist 'girl power' character, the Feisty Female is almost always used as the hot love interest for a dorky male hero, seldom has her own character arc, and is occasionally stripped of her badass credentials near the end of the film to make the male lead look better.

The Unfortunate Implication comes from works, usually those from Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks, that have so magnanimously thrown in a feisty female character. the implication is that because the work has added a feisty female character, that we’re no longer supposed to care that almost all of the other characters in the film are male, including the star who the movie is often titled for. The crowd scenes in the film are also made up of mostly males. The movie may not even pass The Bechdel Test .

Minority in the large, broad sociological lens refers to a part of the population that is treated as one by society, even if it is not a minority per se. Thus, women, despite being slightly over half the population, are treated as a minority.

Related to Smurfette Principle, Men Are Generic, Women Are Special, Men Act, Women Are. Can be part of Two Girls to a Team. Compare and contrast Smurfette Breakout. Compare Ms. Fanservice.



  • Astrid in How to Train Your Dragon a strong female character who is best friends with the male lead character Hiccup.
  • Jessie from ToyStory 2 is a strong female character who is best friends with the male lead characters, Woody and Buzz and is part of a mostly male crowd.
  • Colette from Ratatouille is the only female chef in the restaurant and talks about how sexist or male dominated the culinary profession is.
  • Chel from The Road to El Dorado certainly fits, being a sexy sarcastic burglar in a story featuring almost exclusively male characters: the two protagonists, the priest (foe), and the king (ally).
  • Beans from Rango is the only female character in Rango's horseback rescue party, and winds up as his feisty love interest.

Video Games
  • In-Universe, in the Mass Effect series, Nyreen Kandros is the only resident of Omega who dares to stand up to its uncrowned queen Aria T'Loak—and gets to keep her life. Because Aria admittedly likes it when she's feisty.

Western Animation
  • Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars:The Clone Wars one is a feisty who is best friend of the male lead and she is an apprentice.
  • Jane was almost certainly added into the adaptation The Legends of Treasure Island for this reason, playing the role of token female team mate that was lacking in the original novel, and having a rather conventional boisterous Action Girl persona.
  • Emily seems to serve as this in Thomas the Tank Engine, compared to the original The Railway Series novels, which only had a couple of minor female engines. Her role as such mostly came during Hit's run of the series, which evolved her personality to be more confident (and occasionally bossy and snarky) and promoted her to one of the eight main characters in the "Steam Team".
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