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Presleyed Adaptation
An adaptation of a work from another culture (ie. Elvis Presley covering black music for a white audience)
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A Presleyed adaptation is an adaptation of a style, aspect or genre from another culture made by someone not of that culture. his adaptation is then marketed towards the culture of the person making the adaptation. This can work because of unfortunate implications; people may be unwilling to enjoy something from another race, culture or language. Presleyed adaptations are often more successful than the works they're Presleying as the original works simply never get a chance when their from another country, group, culture, language, style etc. A Presleyed adaptation often seems original, because the work its adapting didn't get much exposure/air time etc.

The Trope Namer and possibly Trope Maker is Elvis Presley, who copied and covered black music (blues and Rock 'n' Roll), which didn't have a white audience; Elvis promptly became far more famous and successful than the musicians he was Presleying.

Other notable examples are Vanilla Ice and Eminem, who like Elvis, Presleyed Rap music and introduced it to a white audience. Notably, once white kids started listening to their music, Media Watchdogs and concerned parents attacked rap music, when they had never had a problem with it when black kids were listening to it.

Another non-music related example is The Wachowski Brothers, who Presleyed Cyberpunk Anime like Ghost in the Shell to make the Matrix.
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