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What Measure Is A Transgendered Person
Transgender people have a hard time being viewed as their target sex, and sometimes even human.
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Transgender individuals often have to fight an uphill battle to be viewed as the gender they want to be viewed as. However, everything from family to the government can be anything from a nuisance to an insurmountable obstacle.

This trope is about the uphill battle that transgendered people have to face - the obstructive government that won't let them legally change their sex, the people who insist on knowing what their real gender is or refuse to acknowledge them as the gender that isn't on the birth certificate, or those who beat the crap out of them because they think they're being deceitful or are some kind of demi-human abomination.

Remember, drag kings/queens are not the same as transgender people, so don't list them here.

  • Paul Millander in CSI was born intersex and assigned female at birth. His mother couldn't accept that he was anything but her little girl when he was a child.
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