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Gravity Carpet
An artificial gravity system that mimics the surface of an Earth-like planet.
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Normally, gravity works by having two or more mass-bearing objects attracted to each other, each pulled towards the others' center of gravity. On a planet with a solid surface, it appears that objects are pulled inexorably to that surface, which gives the (mistaken) impression of being flat with a uniform pull.

If one were to have an Artificial Gravity system, one would expect it to work like natural gravity: it would pull towards a single point in space, with the force decreasing at the square of the distance. This is not how it usually is shown to work on spaceships, however, especially on TV or in film. Instead, the ships deploy a Gravity Carpet: a floor surface that mimics that flat, even gravity seemingly found planetside. It avoids most of the unusual, bewildering and difficult to reproduce effects which would actually come from a 'realistic' artificial gravity system.

With thanks to Justin B. Rye for the name.

An example of Reality Is Unrealistic.
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